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No Train No Gain is a resource site for newsroom trainers. The site offers training tips and handouts on writing, editing, reporting, newsroom management skills, recruitment and retention, diversity, technology and newsroom surveys. NTNG welcomes and incorporates handouts, comments and other contributions from newsroom trainers from all over the world. Click here if you want to share your training material and ideas with us.
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The Freedom Forum report, "No Train, No Gain," in 1993 outlined both a serious lack of training and education for newspaper staffs and an interest among editors and reporters in more training opportunities. From that report developed an annual Freedom Forum training editors conference* that has produced a wealth of ideas on how to set up and run newsroom training programs.

The training editors' goal is not fame or glory, but sharing and learning.
Félix Gutiérrez, Senior Vice President of The Freedom Forum Newseum in Washington, D.C.

This Web site is one of the ways in which the training editors make their ideas available to a broader audience.
Most of the trainers are active participants in the Training Editors Conference and the listserv NewsCoach, both hosted by The Poynter Institute for Media Studies.*

Go to http://talk.poynter.org/newscoach/ if you want to join Newscoach.

No Train, No Gain is maintained by Dolf Els of Media24, Cape Town, South Africa.
* The Freedom Forum hosted the annual conference and listserv up to June, 2001.